Become an EECO Straw Ambassador

Here at Eeco Straw, we are passionate about community and education about how we can save our planet. That's why we are excited to announce our new ambassador program. The program will choose 10 Instagram influencers to feature our brand every month. If you're interested in joining this incredible team, we'd love to review an application from you! 

Our mission is to spread the word about how plastic is killing our earth, and by becoming an ambassador, you will help us spread that mission so we can all come together to make a change to reduce plastic use.

Our brand is open to both big-name and smaller scale influencers, anywhere from 5,000 to several million followers. So long as there are real engagement and positive content that reflects what we stand for. Let's work together!


We offer a custom discount for ambassadors after you've been approved to join our program. (limit one use per coupon). These discounts include:

- 20% OFF for accounts 5-10k followers

-30% OFF for accounts 11k-30k followers

-40% OFF for accounts 31k-100k followers

-50% OFF for accounts 100k+

This code will be emailed to you after our partnership is approved!

From all ambassadors, we expect the following promotion:

- One permanent feed post about EECO STRAW stainless steel straw sets

- One multi-slide 24 hour story about EECO STRAW

- Product link in your bio for first 24 hours of promotion

- 2-5 additional images from your photoshoot to use on our Instagram, @eecostraw

- For inspiration on the types of posts we love, you can check out our own Instagram page: @eecostraw

Can't wait to work with you!